Probably the most requested information/asked questions are:

– How much is a dumpster container going to cost me?
– How much is a 10-yard dumpster rent cost on Long Island?
– 20-Yard dumpster rental prices near me?
– How much does a 30-yard dumpster rental cost?

The actual answer is it depends on a variety of things.

For instance:
1. What is the size and scope of your project.
• Are you only gutting a small bathroom?
• Are you discarding 20 years worth of accumulation from your basement or garage?
• Or maybe you’re putting a new roof on your house?
Different projects and, in particular, the size of the project would affect how much container space you need.

2. What size dumpster do you need?
• By referencing the dumpster’s overall measurements on our webpage, it hopefully will assist your choice of what size dumpster you ultimately might need.

We offer open-top 10, 20 & 30 cubic yard containers for your use. If you are a contractor, and are engaged in environmental abatement, we also offer “closed” 30 and 40 cubic yard containers.

3. What type of material will you be putting inside the dumpster?
• Is it basic construction or demolition debris?
• Is it the old concrete from your driveway that you are re-pouring?
• Is it the brick and block from a garage you want to knock down.
• Maybe you have several tree stumps and old branches to get rid of?
Each of these various types of waste streams come with their own price structure.

4. What if you are over the weight limit?
Our basic pricing is also tied to a limit on the usual and expected weight of a particular waste stream. If your rental exceeds that allotted weight allowed per pricing, we must charge you an “overweight” fee. Generally, it is $65 per ½ ton overweight.

5. Lastly, how long do you need to keep the dumpster for? Is it for a week, or will your project require the dumpster on your site for a month?

So in the end, we can deliver you a dumpster container from as little as $450, and up, depending on all the variables above.

Another option to reduce the price is for you to come to us, and take our container to your project. You then fill it with your waste to remove, and when done return it to us. Afterward, we haul it to a landfill and dispose the waste.
We could do this starting for as little as $325.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us, and we would be more than happy to answer your concerns.